John’s Gift

johns-gift-sign1John’s Gift is an organic vegetable garden, created to demonstrate sustainable, environmentally friendly organic gardening. It is a living, changing landscape tended by community volunteers. Year round it is a living classroom.

The land for the Q Gardens was acquired with the help of a grant from the estate of John Pitts by his wife Madelyn, to honor the memory of John Leland Pitts (1942 – 2009). He served his community in many ways through public service and private enterprise, at the local, county, state and federal level. He worked tirelessly in service to a just world, a kinder world, a healthier world for all of us. His accomplishments were many.

We had to think hard about what the grant was to do and finally realized what we thought John would like.

He was a devoted organic gardener — among his many talents and creative accomplishments — whose exquisite sense of humor and intelligence made him a fine veterinarian, teacher, politician, visionary and gardener.

We call the Gardens John’s Gift and dedicate our efforts to his memory, and to all striving organic gardeners. Q Gardens is a living, changing experimental landscape run entirely by volunteers and donations. While the property is privately owned and maintained, the public is always welcome to walk though.

Year-round Teaching Garden

He was a generous man, a visionary, a teacher, a veterinarian, a politician. He loved working in his organic vegetable garden and planting and tending the trees in his reforestation project. His creativity shaped solutions to problems in the political arena and in the physical details of farming and building. John loved repurposing “things” that he had “in stock” to create innovative solutions for the task at hand. He had a wonderful sense of humor. He was a great storyteller. He delighted in Life.

All of these qualities are at play in John’s Gift for you to discover and enjoy. Perhaps to learn from. Perhaps to add to.

John’s Gift endeavors to enhance community through shared experiences in the garden. If you would like to participate, please contact us.


Just getting started!



Installation of LID garden