New Rules for Garden Users and Visitors Spring 2020

There is a new rule for picking anything in the Gardens:

You must first get permission from either the Gardens’ website or from the volunteer on duty.

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Why? Sadly, we have had problems with damage from people who don’t know the correct way to handle garden plants. As when harvesting lettuce, for example – unwitting pickers chop off the whole heads instead of picking only the outer leaves, which greatly extends the plant’s harvest life.

Plus, we all suffer from thoughtless overuse and theft. Someone picked all the cherries; someone else took the preschoolers’ pumpkins; someone else took the sprinkler, never mind the deer browsing.

So, if you are meandering through the beds admiring what’s growing and you would like to pick something, please just ask.

We often grow for specific events — weddings, funerals, Mothers Day, etc. If you would like for us to do something like that for you, we certainly would be honored to do so. Again, just ask.