Welcome to Quilcene Gardens


Quilcene Gardens, located at 71 Old Church Road in Quilcene, started with the Old Church, receiving restoration since purchase in  1989. It now is home base for QuACK (Quilcene Artists Collaborative) an arts organization that works with schools to bring art into everyday rural life. The compound now includes Quilcene Espresso, a friendly and refreshing stopping place for visitors along Highway 101 all year.


The square footing for the windmill is shown in the aerial photo. It is at the left end of the curving straw-bale garden. Quilcene Espresso is the red-roofed building at top left. The Old Church is the brown roof with steeple at center right.

New projects include the Low Impact Development demonstration site, featuring landscape designs with native plants and rain gardens that capture runoff in a sensible and affordable way. Come check it out!

In the working memorial garden now under construction that we call John’s Gift, art will meet the garden! Look for a flower cutting garden, fruit trees and berries, and many raised beds brimming with herbs and veggies, coming soon.

The Quilcene Food Bank is a major beneficiary.


Donations can be made at Quilcene Espresso or US Bank.

To volunteer, call Anne Ricker: 360-765-4447.

lg-header1Yet to come:

  • living wall signage
  • aquaponic growing demonstration
  • glass-blowing studio
  • biochar facility
  • berry patch
  • orchard
  • outdoor community kitchen
  • picnic place


If all goes as planned, the site will become a community trust after the 5-year LID Demo contract expires.